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short for staffordshire bull terrier,it is a ver commen dog and is the 4 th most popular dog in britian,
they are sometimes mis understsood by people who do not like bull type breeds.
one rumour is that oly chavs and 'ard lads wanan have a staffy,cus thy cant get a pit bull or rottweiler or something.
the truth is and breed of dog,aslogn as loved by their owner does not matter who owns it
oi mate,roxxy and blaze had pups!
ure joking ,gaz?
nah man,i wasnt expecting it,do you want to take a staffy of my hands?
yh man sure
80 quid then
soem times cn be from 80 quid to 900 quid
by izzyh January 08, 2008
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A drink 'accidentally' mis-poured, sold at a reduced rate, our outside of standard service practice for the bar staff to enjoy.
My mate is the bartender and gave me a staffy for half price.
by Lord Spanky September 02, 2010
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