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staffordshire bull terriers are a breed of dog. They were originally bred for dog fighting and ratting but now, unfortunately, are normally bought by charvers to look hard. they do, however, make a great companion.

they have a very muscular build with a square like head and eyes that are set looking straight forward. the average heights for male and female are the same at around 15 inches. they have a short coat that requires minimal grooming.

there is a difference between the european breed and th american breed, as far as i know this is just stemming from ligaments being cut in the european breed's ears making them droop down.

this dog is very friendly and sociable with adults and children, it has a boistrous personality and is extremely playful. However, this breed are quite aggressive towards other dogs, mainly larger dogs.
the staff is classed in the terrier breed group.
by 7clayton7 August 14, 2005
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The Staffordshire Bull Terrier first came into existence in or around the seventeenth century.

As bull baiting declined in popularity and dog fighting enjoyed a surge of interest, it became necessary to develop a dog which possessed a longer and more punishing head than the Bulldog and also to combine strength and agility. It is therefore believed that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was derived from the fighting Bulldog of the day with some terrier blood introduced. This cross produced what was known as the Bull and Terrier or Pit Dog.

These dogs were renowned for their courage and tenacity and despite their ferocity in the pit were excellent companions and good with children.

Although dog fighting and other barbaric pastimes of the day were patronised by the aristocracy fighting dogs were also owned by the poorest of families.

The pit dog was a favourite with miners and steelworkers and was prevalent amongst the chainmakers of the " Black Country " where the dogs were not only fought for entertainment but provided a working man with valuable extra income when worked against badgers or as ratters.

With the introduction of the Humane Act in 1835, baiting sports and dog fighting became unlawful and a group of men in the Staffordshire area endeavoured to preserve their breed by introducing them to the show world. After much discussion the Standard was written describing the dog's physical attributes and this dog was named the Staffordshire Bull Terrier to differentiate him from the English Bull Terrier.

Over the years the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has become a successful show dog and a serious contender in the Terrier Group, where they frequently have the highest number of entries of all dogs in the Terrier Group and are occasional winners of Best in Show

More importantly the Stafford has become a popular pet retaining the attributes gained from generations of fighting dogs bred for courage, tenacity and most important: total reliability and affinity with people and in particular children.

Unfortunately it is true that chavs tend to own these dogs for image value only but please remember that the dog unfortunately can not choose its owner.

It is also believed that the instinct to bite humans was considered unfavourable by the owners of fighting dogs in the 17th and 18th century as it was required that the dogs be lifted from the ring if either animal was injured. Animals that bit their owners (even in extreme conditions) were not bred from to eliminate this charateristic.
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was officially registered by the Kennel Club in 1935.
by terry er October 21, 2006
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mastaman obviously aint got a clue what he's on about yeah staffies may be owened by the majority of chavy scum but their not soft and can just as easily be trained and used to aradicate chavs from the earth forever. staffies are the origanal pit bulls. when english and irish settlers moved to america they took thier staffies with them and bred the bigger dogs with the bigger dogs resulting in a bigger dog. but in esense its the same breed that has just chaged slightly over time and when veiwed side by side it's easy to see. some blood lines of pitbulls still produce dogs of staffie height(around 16 to 17 inches)
staffordshire bull terriers are just pitbulls that never left home.
by vicious187 October 27, 2005
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Since the dangerous dogs act staffordshire bull terrriers (also known as staffies or staffs)have replaced the pitbull terrier as the most chavvy dog. (see chav) Even though they look fierce they are pussies just like the chavs themselves.
Chav walking down road with a staffy by his side. You run up to him kick the dog and they will both sprint off at full pace with the chav shouting "MUMMY MUMMY" (he will probably return some minutes later with his friend on a moped in shorts and a burberry hat.
by Mastaman June 24, 2005
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