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An ultra wealthy town in Northern california. It has some of the highest rated schools in the nation, and host many billionaires. Seriously, the poor in saratoga have only 1 HD flat panel. The only town in the world where one can play punch lambo, rather than punch bug, there are that many rare cars there. Everyone in the area is a certifiable genius. Even the guys who smoke weed everyday will get into a 4 year college.
Dude, just transfered to saratoga high.
congrats. You going to harvard or MIT?
by Saratogan January 03, 2011
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Saratoga, in the local dialect often pronounced sawa-tug-ga.
A quick word of advice would be to pick up a Mandarin phrase book before visiting. Saratoga's official car is the Toyota, however it is not uncommon to receive a brand new Lexus for your 15th birthday. Most people in Saratoga have been sheltered for much of their life and find it tough to cope with school. Most students border delinquincy with an average test score of 97%. However it is very safe and a great place to live.
asianQTpiexo89: omg I got a 92% on my last test, my parents wont love me anymore.

fighterforceXX: that is the suxors, sorry ttyl i have to go to chinese school.

Saratoga the land of little imagination and too much work.
by saratoga high student January 13, 2007
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The richest town in Upstate New York, where even the preppy kids smoke weed. Most kids wear polo and lacoste and listen to Dave Matthews Band, and attend his concerts yearly at SPAC. Birkenstocks, Jeep wranglers, and mercades benz are all popular. Really good at sports, Especially CREW and TRACK. One of the most challenging highschools in the Nation. DANK ASS downtown!
"Hey where do you live?"
"Oh you must be rich"
"yeah i drive a mercades"
by chicckkkywhattt June 19, 2006
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1. a place in New York

2. a war battle

3. a town in northern California's Santa Clara County with a population of 30,000, full of rich people with big houses who work their asses off in school. However, contrary to what "saratogasux" says (and contrary to popular belief), most Saratogans are not snobby assholes.
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by L. Matthews May 01, 2004
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1. A place in NY
2. Full of kids that have too much money and time with no parental supervision. Mass drug and alcohol use to the point where the school should just be held at rehab.
Saratoga? Oh your a toga toker.
by Jack of all Trades October 14, 2005
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A place in NY, also known as horsetrack land.
I lost all my money to an alsoran at Saratoga.
by anonymous00001 July 02, 2005
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