The act of squeezing e-liquid from the reservoir of a bottom-fed e-cig mod up into the atomizer.
Forgetting to squonk to can lead to dry hits and a burnt wick.
by Ewussor March 10, 2015
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A mythical bird that is covered in warts who continously weeps in self-pity.
I saw a squonk sitting on one of the pumps at the gas station.
by Blue Junglist December 19, 2004
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An Awesome Genesis song from the album, Trick of the Tail.....
Just get it and listen.....
by DRBJimmy July 12, 2003
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adj. Southern African slang term for mis-aligned, off-center.
That picture on the wall is squonk. You should fix it.
by Chris Kreft March 27, 2008
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Squonk has no meaning. It defines everything you want, you can use it for everything you want.
Dude you're really squonk

This is really squonk!
by binkelderg February 2, 2019
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A word I use in band to confuse Ethan
Me: Squonk
Ethan: What's a squonk
Me: You don't know what a squonk is?
by squonk sire February 29, 2020
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A dick fart, much like a queef yet quieter and cheesier.
"Dude, I squonked all up in her grill!"
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