An orgasmic explosion of the vocal cords at the presentation of a smoking device or goblet filled with libations.
A smoking device is presented to a man, say a sire. The sire responds: "Eh good squire!"
by Justin Wolbert November 10, 2004
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A Jack-off Squire is another guy who will jack you off if you want a hand-job to get your rocks off.
I think I'm my roomies' Jack-off Squire - they all seem to like it when they just lay back and let me beat their meat!
by USAF Cadet June 04, 2021
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AMY SQUIRE. is a girl who is a homosexual!😝 and is completely proud to say it 🏳️ 🌈🏳️ 🌈🏳️ 🌈 as she shares her lesbian and experiences on her tiktok page. jumbo*****.
“hey! do you know amy squire!”

“yeah! she’s gay
by puthay my religion June 26, 2021
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A Country Squire is a man who lives on an estate typically in a rural area. They're never alone so long as they have their principles. Country Squires believe in sustainability and living with the earth as opposed to on it by farming, herding, fishing, and utilizing natural resources for survival. Aside from living a somewhat hermit lifestyle Country Squires love their family, neighbors, and respect all women. They are a dying breed.
Rick became a Country Squire after he moved to Montana to homestead.
by rickaroni14 December 07, 2021
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Meth Capital Of The World!!!

Drive-By Shootings!!!
Meth Lab Trailers Exploding!!!
Country Squire Lakes Is Just Methed-Up!!!
by Methed-Up April 24, 2019
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Title of a man holding a purse for his girlfriend or wife.
I had to be the purse squire for my wife for over an hour while she tried on clothes in the fitting room at the mall and she still didn't buy anything!
by FucilloHuge September 23, 2012
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A proper yet elusive gentleman who suffers from excessive use of extended pinky finger hand expressions. In modern days, they are occasionally spotted alone usually roaming their land in the rural hills and fields of Pennsylvania. As in old England, the Pinky Squire is a refined special breed and very cool cat. Always properly schooled, yet a propensity to overemphasize extended pinky finger use limits ones social ability and is often easily confused as an effeminate gesture.

A rare breed of cat leftover from
What a cool hip old school gentleman, but he’s a serious Pinky Squire when he tells his stories. I’ve never seen such extreme pinky action before, have you? He must have been born with it.
by Chief Reefster November 14, 2020
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