The family of bullies in the Adam Sandler movie Billy Madison that always say, "O'Doyle Rules!" after bullying people.
High School O'Doyle- "O'Doyle Rules!"

Billy Madison- "O'Doyle, I have a feeling that your whole family is going down. But right now, I have to study."
by Joe Kickass II May 4, 2006
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Family of bullies originating from the Adam Sandler movie, Billy Madison. O'Doyle has gained respect over the years and for some has become more than a person. He is an idol, a mentor, and an alter-ego.
You ruled like O'Doyle downing that bottle of Jack.
by O'Doyle April 6, 2005
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a name for a boy with anger management, usually a ginger
that kid is o'doyle
by hutag June 27, 2010
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To sabotage the woody station-wagon of a friend or stranger.
"We totally O'Doyled some lame-ass car in the parking lot at the Sizzler."
by DOC Brown Sugar May 31, 2007
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Any one who engages in stupid pranks and jokes in order to sick humor and often times failing horriblly.
I can't believe that O'doyle think anything he does is funny.
by Tyrumble July 2, 2006
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Large kid mostly males with messy red hair. Always in the back row of old class photos.
There is one in the back Fuckin O'doyle kid
by 12off January 7, 2021
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and o'doyle rules! is when a person comes into town hammered on the bandwagon
oh here comes o'doyle rules! from the next town over
by dioh December 6, 2007
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