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The family of bullies in the Adam Sandler movie Billy Madison that always say, "O'Doyle Rules!" after bullying people.
High School O'Doyle- "O'Doyle Rules!"

Billy Madison- "O'Doyle, I have a feeling that your whole family is going down. But right now, I have to study."
by Joe Kickass II May 04, 2006
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Family of bullies originating from the Adam Sandler movie, Billy Madison. O'Doyle has gained respect over the years and for some has become more than a person. He is an idol, a mentor, and an alter-ego.
You ruled like O'Doyle downing that bottle of Jack.
by O'Doyle April 05, 2005
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The family on billy madison whose catch phrase is ODOYLE RULES
Joe- I Was watching billy madison the other day, my favorite family is the ODOYLES
by Jonathan "Freebush" Dixon April 07, 2006
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Any one who engages in stupid pranks and jokes in order to sick humor and often times failing horriblly.
I can't believe that O'doyle think anything he does is funny.
by Tyrumble July 02, 2006
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A worthless family not named the scriveners that should all be driven off a cliff..
by ODOYLE RULES!!!! April 11, 2003
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