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Chiques is Calo slang for "Little Chicago." A name synonymous to the segregated areas of the Southern California town, Oxnard. The East-Side La Colonia, became a major epicenter of the Marijuana trade on the West coast, during the 1920's all the way up to the 60's.

The local's would spread rumors that this underground market extended all the way up to Chicago, where many Chicanos and Mexicano migrants have relocated in search of jobs. Rumors at that time, boasted that the Barrios of Oxnard had connections to the Chicago Outfit.

The Brown Power Movement of the 60's and 70's have politicized the word to distinguish the colored working-class people of the town, who have a lack of political representation in this area, in stark contrast to the Middle/Upper-Class Anglo population of Oxnard.
Chiques, Califas for Life ey!
by Samba87 October 06, 2010
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South African definition of a hip, cool girl- friend. A term of endearment to girls found regularly lounging next to the pool, downing tequila shooters, drinking vodka lime on the rocks and generally giving group hugs on a regular basis. Only used within certain groups to link each other together.
"Howzit Chique? Having a fantastic afternoon?"
"Hey Chique, it sounds like you had a cooker last night."
"Chique - what's happening out there in the wilderness?"
by Angie September 20, 2004
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