A beautiful set of people with strong will to help other person companionate and caring
The squire helped the young boy
by S williams March 03, 2019
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Annoying little money stain who likes to eat anything he finds and likes to flirt with everyone he sees
This Squire Chava is a total clown
by Squire Chava May 17, 2019
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Getting your siblings to back you up in an online argument
Look at her, there's no way she would have said that. Her brother must have had her sibling squiring again.
by Nanamiraptor August 08, 2015
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Title of a man holding a purse for his girlfriend or wife.
I had to be the purse squire for my wife for over an hour while she tried on clothes in the fitting room at the mall and she still didn't buy anything!
by FucilloHuge September 23, 2012
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Meth Capital Of The World!!!

Drive-By Shootings!!!
Meth Lab Trailers Exploding!!!
Country Squire Lakes Is Just Methed-Up!!!
by Methed-Up April 24, 2019
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