A woman who’s presence could warm a thousand Earths. Without effort, she fascinates your soul. Her cheerful and playful nature animates all that are fortunate enough to encounter her. She is always a best friend. Her capacity for love is endless; she personifies heaven. She is sweet as bliss and all attempts at expressing her startling beauty are unsatisfying. Her goodness creates a desire in you to fix all the world’s problems so she can live a safe and happy life where no harm could ever come upon her. If you ever meet a Fairlane, you have been blessed with a rare and precious gift.
In this life or any other, there will never be another like my Fairlane.
by heaven1on1earth November 30, 2012
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A luxurious Ford sedan that has been produced since the 1950s in various forms in both America and in Australia.
I pimped some Ho's in my Fairlane on Hindley street
by Barry vl October 18, 2005
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