something Australian people say that means "how are you"
Person 1: Hey!
Person 2: Hey, how are you going?
Person 1: Great!
by ayybitch March 11, 2012
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when a guy has the longest boner possible and need to take a crap, and when they sit down on the toilet, the penis goes over the toilet seat, and worrying that they might piss off the seat so they need to lean over super far to get their penis in the toilet area.
Your best friend outside the bathroom: HOW LOW CAN YOU GO!
You: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Give the moose his food, Eli September 15, 2019
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When your face is in her-he butter but you don’t stop but you keep licking
YO man how far can you go down the that butter whole
by Shavahn104 December 11, 2018
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