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A drinking game where a participant uses their buttocks to grab a quarter and walk with it as far as possible.

Once the quarter(s) have been secured by the buttocks then no other part of the body may be used to carry the quarter.

If another body part is used other than the buttocks then the distance from the beginning is marked where the participant used another body part for assistance.

Additionally no props may be used to hold the quarter in place.

Only buttocks and the quarter -- nothing else.

Others participants use the same method to see how far they can carry the quarter using their buttocks in relation to the initial participant.

The participant who carries it the furthest wins the game. The losers must then imbibe a drink at the discretion of the winner.

For increased difficulty the participants can be asked to carry more than one quarter.

Additionally the method of walking can be varied and is up to the participant.
Once at a camping party a couple of people decided that they were going to participate in a friendly game of squimming.
by Arctic Gnomes April 11, 2008
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