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That which receives the grease. This is part of a common saying that refers to the phenomenon that he they who bitches loudest/longest shall receive compensation the fastest, and/or in the most amount. See, "The squeaky wheel get's the grease", & "bitches"
Mel: I already told Darlene that I can't afford a new range for her, but she just won't shut up about how, "Oh it'll save so much money." and "This one's self cleaning, and gets to temp so much faster." I don't know what her problem is.
Hank: Well, you know Mel, the squeaky wheel...
Mel: ... yeah?
Hank: Well you know.
Mel: ... no, what?
Hank: It always get's the grease for crying out loud!
Mel: What the heck's that supposed to mean?
Hank: Oh, go look on urbandict...
by boronanon April 03, 2015
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A ménage a trois with a twist. A squeaky wheel is a date when a man goes out with two other men with the understanding that he will get double teamed after the date. As opposed to the third wheel, the squeaky wheel is very much a part of the action.
I'm over playing the third wheel with my married friends. Me thinks I'll round up a couple of men online and play the squeaky wheel for the night.
by MoTimeForThat May 13, 2016
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