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Cocktail made in a highball glass or old-fashioned glass consisting of equal parts, usually shots, of Vodka, Baileys, and Kahlua on the rocks (ice).
When you first get that feeling of a sore throat, head straight to your favorite bartender and order up a blind Russian or three and you will feel all better tomorrow!
by O-Penned-Mind September 06, 2014

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When you go out with your best friend and another person comes along, that extra person is the (STW or Stew) squeaky third wheel. You and your best friend are the well-oiled, smooth-going rear wheels of the "tricycle" and since the other party is not as close as the two of you are, they say and do things that throw a wrench in your plans or irritate and cause friction.
Do we have to invite the Squeaky Third Wheel? I'd rather just go with only you. Stew can be a little bossy.
by O-Penned-Mind August 20, 2016

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