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During sex, when a man ejactulates on his partner and immediately blows a handful of glitter over it.

Spunk + sparkle = spunkle.
Othernames: tinkerbelled, fairy dusting etc.
by te125 November 07, 2010
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Condition which causes you to place an Amazon order, then shortly after remember something else you needed and place another order.
Wow, 10 Amazon boxes showed up on my door today. My Amazheimer's must be acting up again.

Person 1: Bro, your Amazheimer's is getting out of control.
Person 2: It's OK, I have Prime.
by SamboMayhem August 01, 2020
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Name given to that extra special uncle, the type of uncle who likes helping out at bath time.
Gary glitter is my spunkle. I didn't want to be in his gang, i just didn't have a choice.
by Mr Peeeeee March 09, 2010
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to spunkle - meaning to ejaculate in a wide spread patern, obtaining maximum coverage.

Derrived from the words spunk and sprinkle.
"Yea... take it right in the hair!" - John shouted as he Spunkled her right in the face at short range.
by polaris March 15, 2005
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An uncle who kidnaps his nephews and spunk’s in them. Other names for this word are, “Pedofunkle,” “sackhatcher,” “unclefuckbutt,” and “pubic rubric.”
I went and visited my spunkle today and he touched me.
by Chasadia April 19, 2019
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5 means something cool.
2. it's a mesh of the word special and spunky
kind of like when your happy and can't talk and make up words- thats it's origin.
3. can be used much like the word shibby to mean anything
wow! Ricky Bobby is SPUNKLE!!
Spidermonkeys are so spunkle, they are awesome!!!
by Msuspidermonkey September 07, 2006
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