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Elouise: Noun: Angel on Earth.

'Elouise' is usually a very emotional and spiritually-centered person with an imaginitive sense of adventure. She attracts the sort of people that would compliment her personality traits and she can make light of any dark situation. Her greatest weakness is her heart, so you have to handle with caution.

When you really get to know this girl, you come to find she is very shy although she may not look it but once you get close to her, you discover her wild, fun, loving side you had been waiting for.

She is bound to like these things;

Classic-Romance type guys, Long walks on the beach, Surprises, Childhood fun, Comedy movies and pets.

If you are lucky enough to have come across this beautiful wild flower of a girl, then hold onto her and appreciate every single moment you have with her, for you have 'AN ANGEL ON EARTH.'
Guy: "Wow, ... Who IS that girl? ^.^"
Friend: "That's Elouise. (:"
Guy: "Enough said. I HAVE to go talk to her!"
by xxcxMoniquexxcx July 15, 2011
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