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a fine ass lady
this is another word created by the infamous Snoop Dogg
Imma holla at that sprink over there cause she keeps looking at me - Snoop Dogg
by superpinoy December 25, 2004
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A sink that doesn't run normally or has some sort of problem at the faucet part; which leads the sink to spray the user when turned on.
Ah, the sprink sprayed me!
Don't use that sprink unless you want wet pants.
by yellowbanana January 08, 2009
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A precious pet name for one who is sprinkleishous and bootylishous. Comes from the word sprinkles and much combined together to form the word "sprinkmich."

Ownership of this pet name belongs to Jason, anyone who attempts to use this nickname will be hunt down and shot on site.
Dude #1: "I want a donut with frosting all over it."
Donut Lady: "Is that all sir?"
Dude #1: "No, wait I want it with sprinkles..huh... but not all over it."
Donut Lady: "Not all over it?"
Dude #1: "Yeah! huh Do ya got anything like that huh donut lady?"
Donut Lady: "Yeah, we just got some in. They're called sprinksmich for lunatics like you!"
Dude #2: "Woah, I'll have the same, that sounds AWSOME!"
by Bubba March 02, 2005
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A really annoying commentor on Manchester Evening News for spoiling the Man Utd side's fun. Now is a by-word for a Man City supporter or any Anti-Man Utd comment on Man Utd articles.
Why don't you f*ck off Sprink go back to the Blue side where you belong!
by Anschluss February 10, 2018
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A small amount of Weed saved during the packing of a bowl. You then put that leftover weed on the bowl half way through the session.
Dude sprink that bowl.

Did you sprink this bowl nooby?

This could use a sprink.

Sprink that.

Put that sprink on there biotch.
by CwalkTHug December 12, 2009
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pretence... sprink sprink
present.... sprinkle sprinkle
pastence... sprinkled sprinkled
"Looks like we're do for a sprink after lunch."
by White Man From Town January 19, 2005
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