Taking a leak or peeing in your pants, what a lazy person does when they won't go to the bathroom, other forms, wetter, someone who wets themselves. Soaking your undies, or in some cases, slightly more liquid poo is excreted into the pants noticeably.
Mary had to take a leak in the plane, so she allowed herself to get wet pants.
by LOLpalindrone101 January 14, 2015
Someone who used to be liberal, but was scared shitless after 911 and joined the conservatives in the fear and loathing of everything Muslim, Arab, foreign, French, left, liberal, diverse, different, etc.
Chris: "That Dennis Miller used to be so cool and laid back. I used to like it when he went after politicians' hypocracy and bullshit."

Edie: "Yeah, I know what you mean, you always see him on some Fox Channel show, now. He's turned into such a Wet-Pants-Republican."
by CongaChile May 31, 2011
When a girl on xbox live hears a guy talking over a mic and says to him "OMG you sound sooo HOT!!!" and immediately invites him to private chat(video chat if available) and adds him to her friends list. From then on she either always follows him from game to game or invites him to her games just to hear his voice, which turns her on - thus becoming "Wet in the Pants".
Essentially the female equivalent of "Tight in the Pants"
Tori and Kelsey are always bugging FDD to join their games and having him say things just to hear him say them because they are so Wet in the pants over the poor guy
by Andrew David Hernandez July 15, 2008
Sap or soppy bloke prefers hugs to sex
by Jpjb June 2, 2006