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A guy or girl that is basically succeeding at everything that a person is supposed to be, according to social expectations. (i.e. the right clothes, job, house, ride, good looking, in shape, tech savvy, environmental, financially astute) and it annoys the bejesus out of you because they know it and are quietly smug and condescending in general attitude.
Hey man have you talked to Dave lately?
Who? You mean Mr. Awesome?
Dude, I know. He makes me hate my life.
Yeah, he'll remind you of that too.

Hey Jenny, where were you Thursday?
Volunteering at Amnesty International.
Oh Jeez. You're a real Ms. Awesome.
by silas9s February 05, 2008
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A rather muscular Russian who walks around with his arms out to his side. Has no fear and loves to start fights for no reason. Mr Awesome is a typical meathead . Shaved head and tattoos are characteristics of a meathead. Also known as a hardass. If he's not GTL he's fixing or racing motorcycles.
Mr Awesome: After the gym I'm riding my motorcycle to dudes house to beat his ass.
by Mr Honda December 14, 2010
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A male teacher who is sexy, smart, strapping, stupendous, Smiley, and has an awesome beard and big eyelashes. Wears flip flops. Is cool. Is a huge tease
"Awesome flip flops Sally"

"thanks Mr. awesome"
by nunshavingfun July 27, 2009
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