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Once upon a time.... In a land far far away, there lived a husband and a wife... The husband loved his wife very much, despite her extreme laziness... One day, the husband had to leave on a business trip...and knowing how lazy his wife was, he made her a GIANT donut to put around her neck to eat... However, little did he know that she was SO lazy that when she finished the front half of the donut, she didn't even turn her head to eat the rest of it.... So she died. THE END. the moral of the story: don't be lazy (like Elizabeth)
Brianna: "I was lying in bed last night and I really had to pee, but I just thought if I fell back asleep I wouldn't have to pee anymore.... I spent like 50 minutes lying awake!"

Me: "Don't be such a donut lady"
by rock..paper..scissors..SPIDER. December 21, 2011
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