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A marriage of the words Spring and Break, colloquially used to refer to Spring Break.
Did you hear about Amy and Meg making out over Spreak?

Hey man, have you made plans for Spreak yet?
by AdamJaz March 02, 2008
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a misspeaking of the word spring when used in the phrase "spring a leak," perpetrated by one Craig Ferguson in the Spring of 2000 on the fourth floor of Memorial house.
Man this thing is gonna spreak a leak.
by Chief Engine August 28, 2004
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The crappiest boat ever created. Got lucky to win that stupid race after getting its butt kicked 3 years in a row. Made by a bunch of fools with no life and social capabilites whatsoever.
Wow, those Engineering Club Freaks are working that dumb spreak AGAIN??????
by DA HATA November 10, 2003
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The single best design for a cardboard boat in history. Legendary in all the physics phlotilla competitions. Strikes fear in the hearts of enemies.

Other team- "Damn we got beaten by the spreak again."

Another team- "those spreak team guys are like greek gods"
by Spreak man October 20, 2003
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It’s when you and your sexual partner dress up in shrek costumes and try to spread each other’s anus as far as you can
by Thedoolofthespaloonk May 24, 2018
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