Synonym of fourth base.
More specifically, when two people go to the fourth floor on an elevator. The power goes out on the way and the elevator falls. Thinking it's their last moments of life and wanting to lose their virginity before they die, they have sex. The power comes back on and they reach the fourth floor. Afterwards it is always awkward between them.
"We went to the fourth floor while mopping yesterday."
by Bobajiji December 23, 2005
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When one male seeks attention and acceptance from another male.

To perform ritual "Daps" to seek another males acknowledgement and approval.
A Cavin eyes up a larger, more fitted male and quickly starts a conversation with him. He then talks him up soon afterwards. This is considered Fourth Flooring. Or, 4th Flooring.
by Geiger November 5, 2007
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Located on the top floor of the gateway building, galasheils. A tribe of strong independent young fashion students who are known for going hard and going home, slut dropping and drinking prosecco. The most wild and best people you will ever meet are on the 4th floor of the gateway building.

"I'm going to the fourth floor for a party tonight"
"You better leave your dignity at the door mate"
"I'm going to the fourth floor bitches for a party tonight"
"You better leave your dignity at the door mate"
by bubblebuttbubblebubblebubblebu November 6, 2014
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