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When a friend cancels plans or stands you up and then later blames it on his/her significant other. Note, however, that in actuality, it might just be your friend being a prick and looking for someone to take the blame. Formerly "wifed", but extended for today's sexist society.
"Bob never showed up at the bar last night. He called today and said his girlfriend had a headache so he had to stay home."

"That doesn't make any sense. Anyway, he told me he didn't want to go. You got spoused, man."
by Taco D. Loco January 16, 2010
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spoused: When a chatter's spouse/partner enters the house or computer room of where one lives, they leave the chatroom immediately without saying goodbye to anyone in the chatroom.
While chatting in a Yahoo chatroom, right in the middle of a conversation Stoneman left without saying goodbye to anyone. Holly said, "I think Stoneman got spoused again."
by Kristilicious June 27, 2005
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When your significant other Verbally scolds you in public among friends, to remind you of your family commitmenst while discussing doing something fun!
"I was talking to Joe today about the cook-out poker game and my wife SPOUSED me to tell me I couldnt!"
by David_Beef_Broth October 06, 2005
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