The noblest of all professions. Sacrifice at least 11 years after high school and incur $200,000+ debt in the pursuit of knowledge to care for you and your loved ones.
The physician spent four years in undergrad, four years in medical school, 3-7 years in residency, and then 1-2 years in fellowship before practicing.
by Honesty's Not Dead March 23, 2019
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To Put in simle terms, they're the heros of society. They sometimes don't get the respect the deserve for the long hours, 11 years of HARSH schooling and stress that they go through because of under-appreciative patients who bitch about the littliest things, but keep this is mind there are alot who appreciates the work that they do. Take it for me, i'm typing this right now because i'm grateful of them, and plus i was supprised there wasn't a good definition of their work there was just a stupid definition above me, but all in all they're heros of this planet.
Person:OMG my friend just got shot!!, call 911!

EMT's: don't worry kiddo, we will stabilize you and take to to a physician so he/she can do he/she's majic!
by Andrew92 August 14, 2009
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Heroes = MD or DO. Medical Doctors go to school for over a decade and take on exorbitant debt to become competent leaders of the healthcare team. Pre-Med students must be at the top of their college class and do well on the 8-hour MCAT entrance exam as medical schools accept 1-4% of applicants and are actually brick and mortar as opposed to online. Med students study for 60-80 hours a week and take countless high-stakes exams including the Boards. Afterward, they are expected to work 80-100 hours a week as residents for meager pay before finally being an attending physician and continuing to work long hours. Their road is hard, but their calling is high.
To find a physician, make sure they have MD or DO on their nametag
by Honesty's Not Dead April 9, 2020
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A person who is miserable, overworked, and regrets every decision made after high school. Physicians are highly irritable, with frequent flashes of white hot rage. This is an outward symbol of their severe depression. Physicians often contemplate suicide, but usually due to family obligations they choose to remain a prisoner of the world they created. Physicians used to be happy people. Today they are miserable, just shells of the men and women of yesteryear.
"Dad, I was at Jimmy's house and his dad came in and smashed the PlayStation to smithereens. His teeth were showing and he was screaming curse words."

"It's ok son, Jimmy's dad is a physician. That's how they express themselves."
by Lightning_Bone_Setter January 7, 2019
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A jiesty forum quest that will not stop until all forum users have been called faqs,twats and fucktards.
Arch3r Pk37:Hey guys need place to train range in f2p lolz
PhysiciaN:This is a jack move bitch! Was Arch3r Pk36 taken?
Arch3r Pk37:faaak you!
by Arch3rPk37 February 2, 2008
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A pretend doctor. Usually a nurse practitioner with confidence issues, but wants to be a pretend he/she is a doctor.
Will frequently pursue online degrees to get useless credentials instead of going to a real med school.
Real Doctor: I am Dr. Smith
Cathopathic Physician: I am also a doctor.
RD: Where did you go to med school?
CP: I did not go to med school, I am a cathopathic physician.
by TheDefiner007 August 31, 2018
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When you make the doctor or his staff angry and they leave the thermometer up your bum for an hour.
Chris decided that a physician assing was in order, after much harassment from thier patient Lin.
by StrongB December 2, 2021
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