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A shortbread cookie topped with four marshmallows, two pink and two white, with shredded coconut, and often found with a squirt of jelly on top, and, occasionally, sprinkles. Sponch originates in Mexico and is manufactured by Marinela Bakeries. It is an all-purpose food, with for a wide variety of uses. It's quite versatile; it's a verb, a noun, and an adjective.
Ric: How was the soccer game?
Neida: It was awesome! We smeared sponch all over them!

"Will you pick up some sponch while you're out?"
by ricstew January 05, 2008
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(verb) to engage in nerd-like behavior by spouting knowledge about totally irrelevant or uniteresting topics; to cement your lack of skills at social interaction by demonstrating your proviciciency in an obscure area of study.

(noun) one who engages in sponching behavior
Friend of Sponch: ew, you have snot on your sleeve!

Sponch: Did you know that snot is just a colloquial term for the nasal mucus that's created by the nasal mucosa, and serves to protect the respiratory tract?

Friend of Sponch: Could you please stop sponching in public?
by Ben Bookworm December 10, 2006
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only the most wickedly amazingly bodaciously awesome zestiness that existence could be. (there will always be an exclamation following any form of this word, otherwise they are an uneducated posing homo.)
you've been sponched!

i love sponch!

all praise the sponch!

i will sponch the shit out of you!
by crispy wafer April 18, 2008
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Cumming on sponge cake OR sopping up cum with said cake, and then eating it
Bro we've gotta sponch with that new Martha Stewart cake recipe
by Crust_bucket_ January 16, 2018
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A condition in which an individual is unable to perform the act of intercourse due to excessive alcohol consumption. This can be used when referring to a male unable to maintain an erection or a female who is unable to climax due to her inebriation.

Also see Whiskey dick
ie;"How was it last night with that dude? Fuck, it was awful, I couldn't cum I had the sponch."

ie; "She won't talk to me after I got the sponch on her birthday."
by mssmellymelly September 09, 2009
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