An amazing person, a beautiful smile, a wonderful lauph, forgiving and sings like an angel.
She's perfect because she's Fenny
by SHOCKWAVE2K2 September 19, 2020
Short for Fentanyl, an extremely strong opioid similar to heroin but 50x more potent. Extremely addictive and physically dangerous probably the worst drug out there
Smack head 1 'I heard there's some fenny going round right now'
Smack head 2 'man that shit fucks me up'
by Hard facts101010101 October 3, 2017
Crazy over hyped person. Usually on crack. Can be annoying at times. Likes to wake people up at inappropriate times. Gets off on throwing things at people. Bid nosed. A bit of a fritter. Known also as "the fiddler". Attracts gay men(usually of indian decent,aka Ronnie)
8pm - "You guys got any Goey?" *SNIFF* 7am - "Get up you pussys! Sleeps for the weak". You got fenny'd.
by sure shot February 1, 2009
An imbred farmer scumbag.
Mostly live on flat land, often have webbed feet and all look very similar.
Dan and daz are a right pair of scumbag fennys!
by Jiznote August 19, 2013
Fenny is The god of the religios cult Fenny-ism on bebo. the religion was created when the almighty Fenny was babysitting antichrist kids, he needed to somehow destroy these kids so he desided on holy water, But how would he bless it?

so Fenny-ism was created to creat holy water destroy antichrist children! <-- Join
Oh my Fenny! its Fenny the god of fenny-ism!
by Fenny_lover April 9, 2009
Beautiful and Graceful, with a nice smile ;)
that gurl is sooo fenny!
by black June 25, 2004
a cOoL and interesting girl who doesnt eat carrots and has a great sense of humor
fethat girl is such a fenny!
by black June 23, 2004