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to hit punch someone and get ready to fight.
A yo, if you don't back up off me i'll splow you.
by Erika Cottle May 03, 2005
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A high five, or a request for one. Usually said while extending your hand to recieve said greeting.
"Splow it up!"

Arm is fully extended, hand is kind of low with the palm up.
by Dave: The Movie May 25, 2005
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To eat cereal out of someone's butthole. A more verbose useage of the phrase "blow me."
1."So why dont you go to the grocery store, head to the cereal isle, pick up some cheerios, and go splow yourself."

2."and while your at it why dont you splow me"

3."This POS car can go splow me"

4."That test really splows"
by Splowme Forit June 10, 2004
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the release of beer as a funny joke was told
Timothy splowed beer after he found out his girlfriend was really a male
by hektor de la weba March 11, 2008
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weed + tobacco = spliff

spliff + blow = splow
Those seven spainards just sparked two splows, lets try and cop some drags nigga
by europa-steez August 11, 2010
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As in 'to splow' on somebody. Usually involves unleashing a magazine of stump sauce over an unsuspecting fitty.

Also noun.

Ammunition from the pump-action yoghurt rifle.
1. Just when she thought it was over, I extracted my lady impaler from her mapatasi and splowed on her mantlepiece.

2. Check the talent over there. She needs a good splowing on.

3. (Uttered at the point of no return) "SPLOWWWWWWWW"

4. The sight on my splow canon was out, and she ended up with splow in her eye.
by Splowson McGraw March 07, 2004
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