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"Hey man if you give me a second I'll hook up my Wii U and we can sploon."
"Aw sweet I haven't splooned in a little while."
"Can't come over tonight, I'm busy splooning."
by squidkid666 June 16, 2015
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sploon (noun); verb, splooned, splooning, adj sploony

noun (onomatopoeic)

1. A dreadful painful wailing whooping noise specifically on the guitar, often heard during a preposterously self indulgent guitar solo. always out of context to the music being played and often with the use of a whammy bar.
"Whoa did you hear that total sploon from Stevie fucking Vye there? - He's playing the hokey-cokey at a third birthday party - not fucking Madison Square Garden!"
by Jock Ferrie June 12, 2013
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A spooning slut: someone who spoons with everyone.
Bob: Suzy spooned with Jack last night.

Eric: I heard she spooned with Nathan last week too.

Bob: I am not surprised. She's such a SPLOON.
by Clarexx June 30, 2014
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