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The latest Nintendo IP, "De Blob" meets "Team Fortress 2". A currently unreleased multiplayer shooter where players control squid-children called Inklings, spraying colorful ink all over a battlefield to control as much territory as possible. Currently has a metric ton of fan art, most of it pornographic in nature. Single-handedly convinced a large number of people to consider buying a Wii U. Also, its art style is so, so 90s.
"Hey, did you hear about this new shooter called Splatoon?"
"Is it anything like Call of Duty?"
"...Get out."
by Mr. 86 June 15, 2014
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An original game from Nintendo, which by itself is so rare that it is believed to be a fragment of the latest Blood Moon.
"Take a good look at this Splatoon game, because you won't see another game like it for a good many years!"
by EqualsPeach January 03, 2016
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To shoot semen. To cum in excitement. To jizz. Etc.

Derived from the Nintendo game "Splatoon", which is actually about humanoid squid people who shoot each other with paint. Not long after the game was shown off, people quickly began using "splatoon" as a verb, as a synonym for jizz.
I just splatooned in my pants when I heard about that awesome new Nintendo game!
You just got splatooned all over.
by dsky May 10, 2015
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