A spliff is an old school term originally referring to any joint where you might have to "split the difference" between tobacco and cannabis. It can be flower or hash that is mixed with tobacco. Maybe it's because you only want to smoke a little bit of weed, but don't want to roll a pinner, or because you only have a little bit of weed, and don't want to roller a pinner. As the term became popular, and the availability of weed became greater, the term began to incorrectly refer to pretty much any type of joint, with a crutch or not, cone or not.
"Man, you got a smoke we break open for a spliff? I've only got papers, but don't want to smoke all my weed in a joint. "

"No, but I got a Philly, if you wanna roll a blunt!"

"Man, I said I didn't wanna smoke all my weed at once...but hell yeah! Let's get blunted!"
by bean, trivia queen January 07, 2015
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a cannabis cigarette.

"good spliff demands good food"
George: That spliff has given me the major munchies.

Greg: Spliff's are a mans best friend... Sorry i'm stoned!
by CannabisKings April 03, 2019
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the ability to quickly roll a spliff.
your quickness is directly related to your spliffness.
Maggie: Wow Greg, your spliffness is amazing!
Greg: Listen Struggles, my spliffness is no match for yours!!
by RyanGregMaggie May 18, 2010
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also splif

(From split <divided> + spiff <well-dresssed or good>)

a quality cigarette rolled with both tobacco and marajuana, initially popular on Europe's Iberian Peninsula

additionally, the term has been adopted to mean any high quality or well-rolled marajuana joint
"I don't have much weed left, but I can roll us both a spliff."
"The party was wack 'til mah nigga busted out a FATTY spliff!"
by Johann7 August 24, 2004
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Spliff meaning casket. Often used by roadmen in London
Incog got put in a spliff
GB got put in a spliff
SA got put in a spliff (rip)
Lil CJ got put in a spliff
by NoodleMan48 October 22, 2020
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A joint (marijuana cigarette)sometimes rolled with half weed, half tobaco, or sprinkled along the bud.
Smoke a big spliff with some good sensimillia
by J-Dawg November 07, 2003
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A marajuana joint. This word is more used by British youth.
Morgan was lying on his bed, drinking beer and smoking a spliff, listening to the Clash.
by Babydoll75 March 04, 2019
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