Two main clauses not connected by a conjunction in order to join or unite body parts through sexual activity
Someone asked me on a date, I didn’t say yes. It’s because they asked me if I “Wanna Netflix and comma splice?”.
by Science Rocks Y’all June 28, 2022
The act of taking apart a piece of written material, usually from the center of the work for editing. The edited section is then replaced into the piece, hopefully making the written work better than the original.
I absolutely DESPISE compository splicing; I can never do it without messing up somehow.
by Cetra August 14, 2008
A homosexual act, involving a man using a ring to expand the size of his urinary meatus to accommodate another man's penis.
Dude Ross is so gay, he probably splices every night.


Dude Ross is so gay, he loves splicing.
by Keith Hendry May 21, 2008
A derogatory slang word derived from the movie "Splice". Used to describe an ugly individual with odd androgynous facial features. In the movie The splice creature was both woman and man. A creature with a face only a mother could love.
Dude check out the Splice Baby behind you

NUH UH WHERE?! Oh wow man eww that's gotta suck to look like that.

For real.
by aharharhardyhar November 16, 2010
The art of ejaculating into a menstrating woman , scooping out the residue and putting said residue into an iceblock tray for later consumption in the warmer months.
The menstral blood and cum mixed together give the same look and consistancy of a splice ice cream.
Sharon had her rags so we made Love Splices. Might give one to her mother later on!
by MAV50L June 7, 2010