Splice: To be given head from a female
Guy: I was with this girl last night and she spliced me
Guy 2: Dude i just got spliced by my girlfriend
by JackJarrad January 21, 2009
this word, contrary to more common knowledge, does not mean to fuse. but in actuality, it means NOTHING. it is UNDEFINED, much like 0 over 0 (%). but furthermore, anyone with half a brain can realize what such a word means. look at examples below.
"splice it the fuck up"
"i am so spliced"
"spliced % undefined"
by Senor DeHou February 27, 2005
Using a comma to connect two independent clauses; this is especially bad if they're unrelated. Instead use a semicolon, period, or a conjunction. You could also just change your wording if you really wanted to.
you're so smart, you're probably smarter because you wear glasses.


You're really smart. I bet you're glasses make you smarter.
by Road work ahead? April 11, 2022
the act of splitting one's cock with a wedge, or when one chick is so unfuckable that you would rather have your cock split in two.
That crazy bitch took a log splitter and gave him a cock splice

Man that bitch is a cock splice
by The Riddlers November 12, 2008
A type of Spoonerism. Switching the middle portions of two words that follow each other in a sentence. Inspired by the alternative splicing of pre-mRNAs in eukaryotic systems
Student: A claxic essample of the regulation of alternative splicing deals with sex determination in Drosophila.

Professor: That was an example of word splicing!

Class: Hahahaha
by momoyster February 8, 2012
Music made from sound clips from movies tv and commercials. Generally sources that are not supposed to be musical are used, takes words and/or syllables and makes music with them. Most songs from the artist Pogo, aka Fagottron on youtube, fit this description. Also Rap Chop and Jam Wow by DJ Steve Porter are spliced songs
Dude I'm listening to Pogo's newest splice song, it's Scrumdiddlyumptious!
by Deadite August 7, 2009