God purposed for humans to have a marvelous future splendidness.
by Hercolena Oliver August 26, 2009
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- Thomas, I am a bit concerned about this recent stock market fiasco.
- Nigga, we sell crack.
- Splendid.
by Kwombat November 10, 2020
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-how was the sex?
by kalahiwa February 16, 2007
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One of the 5 wives from mad max fury road. Has Blonde hair with streaks of very light blonde and dark blonde throughout her hair. Has sparkling blue eyes and a few scars on her face from self harm. She is the first wife to get pregnant with a baby she doesn't want. Is very brave, risking her life multiple times for her friends.
Capable:He won't hurt us he NEEDS us
The Splendid Angahard:Oh he'll hurt us alright

We call her leader, but he calls her The Splendid Angharad.
by Athena Karathan November 22, 2019
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a past tense verb, see examples for context
"I got so splendid last night"

"he was splendid like I've never seen anyone splendid before"

"hey, want to get absolutely splendid tonight?"


"fuck my pet ferret splendid all over my hat"

"that was mother fucking splendid ass chocolate for math class riding a horse shaped like a chair"
"the popcorn was splendid, and so were we"
by splendy advocate October 7, 2019
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a yuppie, beautiful person who think they are the shit.. with their precious face, designer jeans, clean cut image and their "dont touch me attitude"
she was SUCH a splendid.. totally thought she was way too good for that joint last night..
by sypherspy January 7, 2005
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Splendid is "cute" it means cute thats what it means it does it means cute
Woah look it's the natata she is so splendid
by K August 20, 2021
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