A combination of the words space and place.
It was a good opportunity to check this splace.
by PorterHouse April 10, 2008
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1) splace bk to my yard
2) she was splaced out on my bed
by joe April 9, 2004
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A combination of place and space that can be used when describing a space within a place or a place within a space.

Typically used in an earthly setting but could also apply to a place within outer-space.
I need to find a quiet splace to read.
by Hazelnut99 August 13, 2017
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omg becky, I love this Splace....SSSS SS S ss
by Your aWizard now February 21, 2020
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1. Portmanteau of space and, place.
"I really like our splace."
by Madame Olympia March 28, 2021
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Being unaware of ones own relationship to time and space. Usually after several hours spent consuming mood altering substances.
"Do not ask me to make any type of unimportant decisions right now, I'm splaced"
by thebigdeal January 20, 2010
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