A fiesty bitch. Dont mess with a spit fire; She is sweet on the outside but if youess with her man, she cuts bitches. A spit fire knows everything! She knows where you live. Shes beautiful and a sweetheart. But you try somethin to get her man you wont be in existance anymore. Watch your back!!
John: Dude did you see katie yesterday??
Jake: yeah man! Ashley tried stealing her man and she cut that bitch! Fiesty!
John: Yeah shes such a spit fire.
by Spit Fire June 24, 2014
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1) A term used when rap or hip hop artists is thinking they are awsome. Usually after they sing really fast and makes sense.

2) Used on the Dave Chappelle Showwhere Chappelle makes fun of the MTV show Making the Band where Chappelle is supposed to be singing a song but just rambles on yet says he spits hot fire. Wyclef walks up to him and asks him if he is really going to sing. Chappelle then chokes Wyclef.
1) Rick: Wow Sean Paul that song was amazing.
Sean Paul: YamahnunoIspithotfire.

2) Cappelle: Rattata-Ratttataha-Rattahtatta. I SPIT HOT FIRE!
Wyclef: *walks close up to him* Hey man. Are you actually sing the song?
Cappelle: ....You're too close to the fire! You're too close man! *chokes out of Wyclef*
by mister boondock February 25, 2006
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When someone starts hating on prom committee's decisions.
Did you see Michael's post? He was spitting straight fire!
by Cheezwizzzz March 1, 2017
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When a male fires a spurt of boiling hot semen into his woman's eye momentarily blinding her
Carl unleashed his fire spitting dragon on the unsuspecting prostitute reducing her to her knees.
by LL Fire Spitting Dragon November 5, 2013
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Describes the abillity to rap/freestyle with great proficiency and skill.
That very skillfull rapper can Spit the Hot Fire.
by Chris<Vicster> April 29, 2004
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