A group of people that forms when the stupidity of one person won't suffice.
Committees are the foundation of bureaucracy.
by Downstrike June 05, 2004
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Latin- "comitas comitatis" noun:

A multi-legged creature with no brain.
The committee ordered Jugurtha thrown into the Well of the Comitas there to die a slow death.
by J E Walker July 01, 2003
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A group of fine gentlemen that looks to enjoy the little things in life and provide happiness to the world around it. The members and associates are very good friends and can count on one another for support in times of need. Known for the "Bros B4 Hoes" mentality, and often seen at 7-Eleven or in a Ford Focus.
Tom Cruise: "Man, I sure wish I could be a member of The Committee. Hell, I'd even jump on Oprah's couch again!"

Megan Fox: "Haven't you heard? The Committee is an exclusive organization, and you can only be an associate if you are a hot chick or a blood brother. COMEON!"
by Who is Erik Jones? July 14, 2010
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The unwilling, appointed by the unfit, to do the unnecessary.
Committees suck hard.
by TommyD August 12, 2005
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a three way between a member of the US congress and two others. none of these people are married.
-sorry I could not answer the phone, mr. chariman, I was in committee.
-at the radisson?
-with 2 GW law grads. it was a closed session.
by skakkle November 25, 2011
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Ironic slang for a committee formed to have lots of meetings, get nothing done, and ultimately defer a problem. Often created as a delay tactic when members of an organization are more concerned with preserving their own standing than working towards the greater good.
John: Our problems seem so easy to solve if both sides compromise. It's just basic common sense.
Sally: Don't be so sure. The people in charge just formed a Super Committee.
John: I guess I'll keep reading Sartre.
by Concerned Citizen 2012 November 21, 2011
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