An Elina is a strong, independent girl with strong feelings. She’s a kind girl and one of the most fragile people you will ever meet. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and is always ready to step in when needed. If you ever come across an Elina love her, don’t loose her. Elina’s typically are good friends and have a whole lot of them too. Guys always fall for Elinas and try so hard to be with her. She attracts everyone around her. If you ever become friends with an Elina you are so lucky. Elinas normally play hard to get but is extremely nice to EVERYONE! Elinas are real, true friends and will always have your back. They always end up being one of your best friends and may be your best. I have met an Elina personally and will never let her go. She is my very best friend. She is so amazing and has an amazing soul inside and out. Yes, yes, we have our ups and downs but what we always tell each other “we never said it was going to be easy. it’s not a true friendship without a fight.” If you meet an Elina love her, keep her, she’s not one to loose❤️
girl 1: “who’s that new girl?”
girl 2: “her name is Elina.”
girl 1: “she’s..gorgeous!”
girl 2: “ I know! they boys are already talking to her!”
girl 1: “I want to be her friend!”
girl 2: “me too!!”
by kaaae February 22, 2019
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Elina is a wonderful person she is pretty and smart. When u meet her it’s the best thing that’s happened to you. She’s also the most funniest person you would ever meet! She is kind and caring and what’s good about her she loyal! And a amazing person. If you meet a girl named Elina keep her until death parts you.
Kaya: I met this girl named Elina!
Daniella: oh cool!, can I meet her too!?
Camila: ME TO!!!
by Oop_papaya November 9, 2019
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Elina is a girl who is super funny, nice, sarcastic and loyal. She will stick with you through thin and thick whereas other may not. Her personality is catching and sweeps guys off their feet when they get to know her. Elinas are usually artistic and like music. They are great kissers and a relationship with them is the luckiest thing. She can get jealous an defensive. Since she is super loyal you don't have to worry about her cheating cause it breaks her heart as much as it breaks yours. She will always love you, even if she doesn't say so, so listen with your heart not your ears. If you know and Elina make sure she knows how much you appreciate her because once she's gone, she's really gone.
Person1: Dude we are like best friends but I really like her.
Person2: Then ask her out!
Person1: But what if she says no?!
Person2: She won't and besides, what's better than having her as your bestie.

Elina is a girl who is super sweet and will love you even if you break her heart because she can't help it. She is loyal, fun, crazy and the best person to ever be around!!!
by Loading... ... January 1, 2018
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Elina is a Persian girl who has a very lovely voice. She is super funny and smart, however, she doesn’t say anything if you break her heart. So listen with your eyes not with your ears.

And don’t forget if you make an Elina upset she will disappear like there was nothing there in the first place.
Elinas are loyal, friendly and very hard to get. But if you could get her you’ll have a magical life!
Saeed: Yo Samir, the radio
Samir: Wow dude. The broadcaster’s voice is amazing.

Saeed: She really is an Elina. She is like the only person, who I want to listen till my last breathe.
by Dande2 August 17, 2018
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Elina, a strong, independent girl. Always willing to help when someone is feeling down. She is hilarious and has such a beautiful soul inside and out! All the guys fall for her. If you every meet an Elina keep her, love her, care for her. She is one of the most fragile girl on this planet.

Elina can also be a real friend when needed. She wears her feelings on her sleeve. It’s never hard to catch the girl feeling down or upset. She has such a strong soul that she can put someone in there place when needed.

An Elina will always be one of you best friends. She may be your best. I was lucky enough to find an Elina and she is the best thing that has happened to me. She is my best friend. We have been through the worst and the very very best but, like we always say “it’s never going to be easy. It’s not a real friendship without a fight”. I love my Elina and if you ever come across an Elina, don’t let her go❤️
Bro 1: “yo dude who’s that girl your obsessed with?”
Bro 2: “her name is Elina, I have liked her for so long.”
Bro 1: “go talk to her!”
Bro 2: “I can’t.”
Bro 1: “why dude?”
Bro 2: “ she’s to good for me. such a beautiful girl. man what a princess.”
by kaaae February 22, 2019
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A girl who might not "fit in" with others but has the most unique and original personality. She won't become something she's not. She may not be pretty or popular but her friendship should be prized. She also has a great talent in music and art.
Person One: Hey, did you meet Elina today?
Person Two: Yeah, she was weird.
Person One: I liked her.
Person Two: Yeah, me too. I want to be her friend.
by micky2234 May 8, 2011
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