Another word for rapping. People sometimes call rapping spitting because sometimes a lot of saliva builds up in the mouth while rapping long verses. So even you are in front of someone it's okay if some of your spit comes out .
Tyrone: Yo man, why wont Sean rap for us?
Dwayne: he got some saliva in his mouth when he raps
Tyrone: Then let him start spitting
by RobS August 11, 2015
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SPITTING, SPIT. to go over other pieces or throws with your throws or pieces.

not always a sign of disrespect, it depend how a person went over your work.
and also you can spit in your own piece with a tag.
Spitting can be negative or positive.

Spit over people cuz there is no more room.

If your going to spit to diss make it obvious your dissing.
by DigDug March 08, 2004
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the act of inserting a funnel into the female partners anus then pouring water or any liquid substance down through the funnel, then the male waits until the female analy bambards(farts) all the water out into a mist on the males face.
Karl waited for Merdel to spit mist on to his face.
by Hot Karl June 16, 2003
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