Eight legged creature of nope nope and nope with large fangs. It's other abilities consist of climbing walls, conjuring organic silk webbing, and inducing paralyzing fear and heart attacks into arachnophobes.
There's a damn spider in my bathtub where the hell is my damn flamethrower.
by A Human Male July 31, 2018
A little creature that causes people to drive their cars into a ditch.
I was driving my mom's car yesterday and a spider crawled up on my shoulder, and after I swatted it away, I went into the ditch.
by The Z Dude September 27, 2009
The polytheistic religion based on the group and teachings of the Spider Gang, or its beliefs and practices. One must support the beliefs of the gang in order to be accepted as a Spiderist. Places of worship include, but are not limited to; the basement and the streets. Practices of this religion involve doing drugs, listening to the gangs music, participating in fanart friday, and placing cards against humanity boxes in children’s aisles.
Soon after I found out about Spider Gang and their ear rape penis music, I started to believe in Spiderism.
by tricksick October 18, 2020
Satans Incarnation and Gods punishment for our sins.

Oh, it's just satans incarnation

by ur mom gei like ali a February 19, 2019
The last shot out of a bottle of liquor that is on the house. The name comes from the thought of there being a spider in the bottom of the bottle.
Some guy: I'll take a shot of whiskey.

Bartender: Looks like you got the spider. This one's on the house.
by SleepyP June 5, 2010
H: What’s your boggart Ron?
R: sPiDeRS tHeY WaNt me tO TaP dAnCe
by Simp for the Marauders January 8, 2021