an aussie drama which focus's on the lives of the nurses in the er, also has alot of good looking nurses
me: oi did u watch all saints
other dude: hell yeah the chicks are hot
by viccy June 07, 2007
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A dogshit school filled with stupid motherfuckers who don't know anything. The headteacher is another wanker who has his priorities in the wrong places. There are a few sick teachers but for the most part, they're shit

A Church school filled with Asians, what more could you ask for. They need to realise there's more to the school then trying to suck up to the education board with a great appearance and shitty teaching
Person 1: Man I can't wait to leave Stepney All Saints, that place was a shithole worth nothing
Person 2: Don't lie though, you gonna miss them peng tings you always talk about
Person 1: Nah, they're clapped anyways. I need to go learn something fr
by ADSAM BITCH January 31, 2021
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All saints is a school full of trampy boys that cannot dress probably wearing jack ups And Sertain girls other there are holy wearing long ass skirts but the rest are opening their poom poom to give to the boys which is why the boys smell of tuna
All saints school: Trampy boys, tuna poom poom (sertain girls(
by All saints February 02, 2019
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All Saints Catholic Academy is full of fake people and bitches. The guys are small but tall, they think their hard. The girls are always in drama with bullshit they start with friends.
by somebody witha brain February 07, 2018
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All saints i.e (ALL SKANKS) full of bitches who are free loafers and stupid white bitches (vsco girls) and 99% of those kids are the biggest goofs you will ever meet.
Jaxon-What school do you go to
Me- All saints high school
Jaxon- oh shit I feel you crodie:(
by N1ggachew September 28, 2019
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all saints is the best school if you go to some other povo school then suck my balls yerr all skanks
she is such a hawwt babbe from all saints anglican school
by frother December 05, 2008
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A b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l school in Norwalk, CT where the mens are fine. If you lookin for a lover step on over. Ahh, I love my school but beware cuz if you're not preppy then you're not welcome. Of course I'm preppy so... Also, WEST ROCKS SUCKS ASS!!!
All Saints Catholic School is loverly.
by RAS15 April 14, 2005
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