The menswear branch of topshop - a highly profitable British fashion chain store in the Arcadia group - Topman is the most popular menswear store in the UK.
Wants you to wear striped skinny Tees, skinny jeans, skinny ties and skinny braces. But only if you're skinny, and can actually fit into their clobber. They generally cater for the younger man and provide discounts to students.
The Oxford Street Flagship store in London is a recklessly huge affair, and carries exclusive designer lines that you can't afford.
I'm off to Topman to buy a summer scarf and a knitted trilby.
by Meaner With The Scenery January 13, 2007
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One who wears stereotypical Top Man clothing. Usually identified by shirts & t-shirts with horizontal stripes.

A conglomerate of topmen is comparable to looking at the front window of a Top Man retail outlet. Such groups of topmen are often found at drinking establishments frequented by students.

Note: A topman is not to be confused with a metrosexual. A topman does not necessarily have homosexual tendencies.
"Look, there's fucking topmen everywhere!"

"It's like being in a topman convention."

person A: "Is that guy a metro?"
person B: "No, he's just a topman."

topman (with an alchoholic beverage in one hand): "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"
by MarkyBadBoy October 16, 2005
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when a person is cool or when they have done something to please you
can be applied to girls
"james just puked" "ahhhh topman"
"you are a topman"
by Georgia-kate January 7, 2008
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A person that buys and wears the majority of their clothes from Topman™.
Josh: "Look at this new T-Shirt/Tie combination from Topman i just bought!"
Jonny: "Shit off ya Topman baron!"
by Jon Jon Azz Azz May 2, 2008
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A male who unimaginatively sources all of his style ideas, dress sense and clothes from the catalogues of brands such as Topman or ASOS. Thus looking slightly behind the latest trends and 'wannabe' Hipster.
A Topman Douche might wear - Low cut v-neck tshirts, salmon pink turned up chino shorts, Tortoise shell Raybans, boat shoes, denim shirts, cable knit Norwegian jumpers etc...
by Wilarteve April 8, 2013
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A stupid naïve manwhore who has just discovered fashion and has longish shaggy hair, wear an over sized beanie that looks like a giant's scrotum warmer, cardigan, perhaps a multicoloured if they are feeling a bit daring; stretched across their skinny chests are the 16 pound t-shirts with multicoloured prints, legs are covered with some spray-on jeans and to finish it all off, some pointy plimsolls, which appear to be the latest Topman orgasm.

Peeping inbetween the plimsolls and skinny jeans are colourful socks, with childish designs on them that cost the fucking Earth.

Their jeans are pulled so low so that we are able to "admire" their Topman boxers and all can see. Some topman whores even bend down to flaunt their boxers. Oh so pathetic.

To keep warm, the average topman whore wears one of the 20 pound hoodies Topman offers in a selection of colours with pretty designs in the hood. Of course, every topman whore has every colour and so Topman whores have to check with their Topman whore companions as to which colour they should wear that day, as not to appear unoriginal.
*2 Friends browsing in Topman*

Friend A: Oh wow, these are actually reasonably priced! That's a first for Topman.

Friend B: Hm these colours look pretty good together.

Friend A: Fuck it, I'll get 2 and save the rest of my money.

*looks for Medium*

Friend A: WTF they are all L, XL or XXL?!! Where are the other sizes?

Friend B: Looks like the Topman whores got there before.

*Both friends turn round and give evils at the Topman whores at the entrance, identically dressed*

Both: Grrr

by Indigolynx September 13, 2008
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A male individual who purchases the majority of his clothes from topman. These people are usually twats who go to gay ass clubs afterschool.
luqman: whos that mysteriously sexy man
glen: that's chris, hes a topman wanker!
luqman: oh
by sickgarms123 September 10, 2009
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