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Usually around the age of 16-25 and they usually pride themselves on appearance. They work out, wear fake tan, usually have/had bleach and always wear some form of gel/hairspray/wax in their hair.

They're are big fans of t-shirts with low necklines which are normally peck exposing (even in winter, put you're nipples away lads!), teamed with some form of necklace or rosary beads (even though they probably aren't religious) and jeans which will vary in style however they will never be skinny or baggy but somewhere in between.

In extreme cases could be mistaken for being gay, however they're usually classed amongst themselves as a "lad's lad". It comes as no surprise when they're typically arrogant and cocky and absolutely love themselves.
girl 1: His fake tan is streakier than mine...
girl 2: I know hes a right spice boy!

spice boy 1: wheres your top from mate? its nice..
spice boy 2: it was £50 from all saints got it to go with my rosary beads for tonights carnage...
by cunt01 January 09, 2011

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