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A phrase used in response to when someone is being excessively sexual on social media, particularly if it's in response to a post which has nothing to do with sex, or which really ought not to stir any sexual desire within anybody. The image that usually accompanies it is the meme dog Doge sternly hitting another dog on the head with a baseball bat.
"Hey look, I got bored in lockdown and did some concept art for this female character I think is cool."
"Damn bro she thicc"
"Dafuq bro, go to horny jail"
by falsetokaiba August 23, 2020

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Kazakh singer and musician. Dimash Kudaibergen has been active as a performer for a number of years, but reached wider recognition in Asia after appearing on the Chinese television show The Singer in 2017, and has gradually become more popular in the Western world, notably since appearing on American talent show 'The World's Best' in 2019. Dimash is known for combining elements of his classical training with both traditional Kazakh music and Eastern and Western popular music, and for his wide vocal range and theatrical performing style.
Dimash is the personification of that stereotype that no matter how good you are at something, some kid in Asia can do it better.
by falsetokaiba February 27, 2019

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A somewhat hyperbolic title or caption often added to posts of debates, lectures or discussions featuring a commentator that the poster endorses. It is most frequently associated with YouTube channels promoting conservative figures such as Ben Shapiro and discussing divisive modern trends or viewpoints. Jokes around it often centre on the clickbait-y nature of the title, as well as whether or not the commentator's points in the video can really be considered to be 'facts'.
Ben Shapiro on veganism: Triggered libs DESTROYED with LOGIC and FACTS
by falsetokaiba June 15, 2020

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YouTuber, guitarist/musician who initially rose to minor fame on the Internet through a series of spoof videos, and later parody songs, depicting 'tropes' in music mainly found in modern sub-genres of heavy metal including deathcore and post-hardcore, and now makes general heavy metal related YouTube content.
1. Man I miss when SteveTerreberry made those parody vids instead of just reacting to lists and Buzzfeed vids.
by falsetokaiba February 25, 2019

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Derogatory nickname given to former Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere, due to the amount of time he has spent on the sidelines due to persistent injury problems.
I see Jack Wilshere's out for another month with an ankle injury. More like Jack Wheelchair, am I right?
by falsetokaiba December 17, 2019

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A quote shared on social media platforms mainly by young women reflecting on break-ups or infidelities by their male partners in which they are the victim whilst the male is callous and guiltless in their actions- thus, 'she's broken', whilst 'he's ok.' Alongside common Instagram soundbites such as 'LIVE LAUGH LOVE', 'sHE'S brOKen' has attained ironic meme status for its incredibly lowbrow wordplay, and is now more often quoted in jest on social media in mockery of the wannabe Instagram influencer types that would have used it seriously.
Basic AF Instagram Girl: "Wow, sHE'S brOKen, that's SO DEEP. I'll share it now so my other basic friends can ask 'u ok bbs? I'm here if u need to talk xxx' and I can reply 'thnx hun xx ly you know how it is, some people, ugh.'
by falsetokaiba May 05, 2019

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The term given to the core of young British players that played for Liverpool FC in the 1990s. Coined mainly as a derogatory term, it mocked the players' underachievement in winning trophies compared to the team of the previous decade, seen as a byproduct of their laddish behaviour and laissez-faire attitude to the game, such as the occasion they paraded the pitch before the 1996 FA Cup Final in Armani cream suits, and subsequently lost to rivals Manchester United. Since then, the term has also become a general slang term for garishly metrosexual young men, though it has largely slipped out of the common vernacular with 'fuckboys' being a more common modern alterntive.
If The Spice Boys had spent less time snorting lines and shagging strippers and more time training they might have actually won a league title.
by falsetokaiba March 01, 2019

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