The limp, flaccid (and often dripping) flesh-like extremity protruding off of my man's mid-section after completed the horizontal Mambo. Which, is often proceeded by the Two-Finger Taco Tango.
Mr. Beagleman always gives my man's Spent Meat a lick.
by Two-Hands December 5, 2010
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Marijuana that has had its THC and other cannabinoids extracted through vaporization.
I hooked up my vaporizer to my bong and after two hours had about an eighth of spent weed.
by The Dopeman July 2, 2009
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Spent fish is. A stage after spawning where the female and male gonads have released their sperm or eggs. They are either left to regain their sperm or eggs or are killed.
After the spent fish has been used, it was allowed to regain it quality
by NizaDeSanctus March 2, 2016
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A spent med is used tampon found in an inappropriate public place.
There seems to be a big problem with spent meds in the carpark again?
by Cock Neck July 30, 2012
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having shared your time or money on a situation, may be used to express one's frusration in a negitive manner or as positive to reflect satisfaction.

Or simply means you have no money left!
"i cant believe he's done this to me, i'm spent on him"

or after a hearty meal;
"that was delicious, i'm spent"

"im spent man, but check these dope threads!"
by fabzz29 February 23, 2012
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worth having been used / worth the time money, etc.
This computer wasn't cheap, but it was money well-spent.
Listening to her talk was time well-spent.
by Aquela February 18, 2016
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