-Plural form of the past-tense word "spend" (spent)+(s)

-Spents are the things you have "SPENT" your money on. These things are generally expensive (but not always) or they can be nearly priceless things.
*Girl returns home from shopping*
Dude: "Damn! Girl you look fine in them jeans. Nice spents, I'm digging the new clothes."

Dude 1: "You see Chad's new whip? Shit was expensive with all the custom work I hear."
Dude 2: "Let's go check out Chad's spents I bet I could beat him in a race."
Dude 1: "Haha, no way.
by JBushdawg July 21, 2010
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Someone whose pathetic work ethic is only matched by a complete lack of job skills.

There could be no more worthless an item in the universe than douche that's been used, so this should be reserved for those individuals who make one question the efficacy of evolution.

Can also be used in acronym form, SD.
"Dude, you didn't rack up the new server last week while I was on vacation!?"

"No, I couldn't find a cart so it's still in the mail room."

"DAMN... spent douche"
by pabloxyz2003 July 6, 2009
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1. Dude, someone left a spent shell on my sidewalk again.

2. WTF! If you are going to throw a spent shell in the toilet at least make sure it gets flushed.
by milkacow June 11, 2010
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Spending large amounts of money, and/or the emotional toll that comes with such actions.
In his song "All of the Lights", Kanye West used this saying in the line "I slapped my girl, she called the feds; I spent that time, I spent that bread".

In the second verse he says "Courts suck me dry, I spent that bread".
by Hootie and the Brofish February 22, 2011
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Spent grain is a byproduct of brewing beer, but can also be used to describe feeling like crap after a long weekend of drinking.
Dude.. I hit ten breweries Saturday.. Then after I drank like twenty-five margaritas on Sunday, I passed out on the beach and got a sunburn. I feel like spent grain.
by MikeKn June 4, 2008
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When your Weed Pipe is empty. It can also refer to something that is worthless or used up.
Damn man! Work was so hard you like “spent bowl”!
by DapperDeal March 10, 2022
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Noun. Spent nuts are the male testicles after having been drained of all semen. They need a prolonged period to regenerate. Typically happens after an intense session of masturbation.
Dude 1: "Wow man, I had an amazing night thinking about your mom. I got spent nuts today."
Dude 2: "WTF?"
by Wizards Sleeve November 19, 2005
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