A phrase to express frustration. A replacement for the word "darn" or "dang it."
When Annabel tripped over Lauren's large testicles and into a pile of poopy jello, she exclaimed "BALZ!!!!"
by Dwarfscum18 January 14, 2017
Joshua Balz, who goes by Balz, is the keyboardist and synthesizer for gothic metal band Motionless in White. He also owns a store in Pennsylvania with his girlfriend, Ryan-Ashley Malarkey, called The Strange and Unusual.
Balz and his girlfriend are so cute! They are relationship goals.
by BandAddict77 February 27, 2016
Dude, that Dutch motorcycle is totally balze.
by Munki-Boy June 27, 2007
Balz: A persons general area, life or social networking circles. Alternatively, a persons actual genitalia, including, but not limited to a man's testicles.
Oooof, that was right in my balz...
by benjaminboomstand April 28, 2011
Misspelling of "Blaze", Iron maidens' best singer.
by Kannis Moloney March 1, 2005
The product of Chris and Angelo making endless babies. Baby Balz is another nickname for Joshua Balz, and he has a puppy names Winter Fairy, or Wi-Fi.
"AW! Look Baby Balz!"
"....that's my son, moron."
by Bawlz. February 16, 2012
Drinking so much Absinth that you start to hallucinate.
We drank so much of that Bairnsfather Bitter at the frat party that we started to Trip Balz.
by Jack Batemaster April 29, 2005