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A phrase to express frustration. A replacement for the word "darn" or "dang it."
When Annabel tripped over Lauren's large testicles and into a pile of poopy jello, she exclaimed "BALZ!!!!"
by Dwarfscum18 January 13, 2017
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Joshua Balz, who goes by Balz, is the keyboardist and synthesizer for gothic metal band Motionless in White. He also owns a store in Pennsylvania with his girlfriend, Ryan-Ashley Malarkey, called The Strange and Unusual.
Balz and his girlfriend are so cute! They are relationship goals.
by BandAddict77 August 23, 2016
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Balz: A persons general area, life or social networking circles. Alternatively, a persons actual genitalia, including, but not limited to a man's testicles.
Oooof, that was right in my balz...
by benjaminboomstand April 28, 2011
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{bhal-ZZZ} New hip fangled slang on the streets usualy containing the prefix Ma.
used to describe a situation of dissapointment, som nub or a burnt monkeys face.
B-DUP: one morning when i was touching mabal'z, i went to google images and searched ugly dog, and it was like totaly bal'z.
LeaveBritanyAlone: DERRRDALEERRR cry, cry, cry i LOVE bal'z

by Ghettonomus January 27, 2008
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