The winner of AGT last season, super raspy voice and super famous.
"Hey, I just listened to Grace Vanderwaal's new song."
by Taylor Swuft June 8, 2018
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12 year old ukuleleist sensation who was called the next ''Taylor Swift'' by Simon Cowell. Howie Mandel said she is going to be bigger than Taylor Swift. Grace sings her own original music. She is the WINNER of season 11 of America's Got Talent.
Sorry I was late I've been watching Grace Vanderwaal sing SHE IS CRAZY GOOD
by Ayeeeeee51515 September 17, 2016
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She's a beautiful thing. Singer and song writer with an amazing heart and voice. A pure person. Absolutely gorgeous, and kind as can be.
"Woah that song was good."
"Well if course it was, it was written by Grace Vanderwaal."
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