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to scold with an extreme force. to punish with extreme power.
a mild spalding is equil to a severe whipping.
a royal spalding is the most severe of spaldings and has never actually occured.
Hey Todd, i heard Jessica cheated on you with manny! You sould go put a mild spalding on his ass.
by William Welder July 05, 2007
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1) A strange, bald short man, who just doesn't care, lives in his own little world and isn't very bright.

2) A really weird face, where the person looks like an idiot, and like they just don't care, and they make a noise similar to 'myaaaah.'
1) Karl Pilkington is very spald.
2) Whoah, you just pulled a very spald face.
by HesterMotionless January 22, 2014
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To have a completely bald genital region.
Dude I railed this chick last night and she was spald. It was like doing an 11-year old.
by Tonger10 June 29, 2009
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