A Tesla. This reference stems from Tesla’s full self-driving capability and what Tyla Yahweh feels like he’s flying when he’s high as shit.
Steve: Well the whole point of Tesla is that you’re able to drive impaired and like fucked up... it’s a Tesla; it’s a Cocaine Spaceship. Shout out to Tyla Yahweh.
by Pepe El Rey July 18, 2020
A sex act in which a women bends a dick straight up in the air, takes both of the man's balls in her mouth and blows. An audible sound like that of blowing on a stomach should be heard.
Hhhhbbbbb! - Cuban Spaceship noise
by JohnFrenchroll July 7, 2010
The greatest song in the world by Timbaland and Pharrell. It has been rejected from the Under Construction Part II CD and i fuckidy fuckin' need it bitches!!
yours truly
Its that big white spaceship with green windows and we gon' get high tonight.
by Jake February 15, 2005
To shit in a girl's vagina during sex.
Steve - "Why'd Lisa dump you?"
Larry - "She said that she didn't like the stains on her sheets that I made when I was docking the spaceship last week."
by aw350m3h4x0r January 16, 2009
when you smash the pussy so fast and hard the flesh turns into carbon steel.
Bro: Dude you know lex?

Broseph: yeah man! you smashed!

Bro: Dude, her pussy... a flamingo spaceship
by matachula March 26, 2016