That black, salty, savory liquid one may pour over meat, vegetables, rice, or anything.
Soysauce can also be a nickname for those who OD on it and get hypertension.
by StatenIslander December 4, 2007
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An asian person who plays basketball well.
Shit son, soysauce just made another three-pointer.
by Eric March 24, 2005
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The act of pouring soy sauce or other salty liquid in ones mouth while in a deep sleep.
Dude was sleeping with his mouth opened so I soySauced him ..... He drank it like a gerbil!
by DrakeTears December 27, 2016
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"hey man, did you see that sexy soysauce just walk by?"
"that chick over there is a big steaming bowl of sexy soysauce."
by xxSUPERFLY TNTxx January 3, 2012
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a popular tiktok trend when males stuck their dicks in soysauce to see if their penis could taste. see icecube pussy aswell.
yo have you tried soysauce dick, your balls can taste!
im a girl....
oh, then try an icecube...
by ShutUp_Nerd April 6, 2020
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A Drink created by SoySauce with the following contents:

1 Part Shasta Cola (can be Coke or pepsi but may taste different)

1 Part Lemonade

Some Jello

Some Syrup

Some Powdered sugar

Stir in a large bowl until powdered sugar is gone. It is not needed for the jello to be gone as well ... it has to be chunky somehow. :)
I was bored, and needed a sugar rush, so I made some SoySauce's Chunky Juice.
by SoySauce December 17, 2003
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The act of pouring soysauce on someone
She was wrote up for soysaucing her ex from the school stairwell.
by MyDickIsBigger May 27, 2017
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