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The act of pouring soy sauce or other salty liquid in ones mouth while in a deep sleep.
Dude was sleeping with his mouth opened so I soySauced him ..... He drank it like a gerbil!
by DrakeTears April 05, 2016
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A comatose state induced by an overindulgence in Asian-American take-out cuisine.
After polishing off a combo platter from Happy Panda, James fell on the couch in a soy-sauced stupor.
by sarahsoups March 08, 2011
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A group of friends are trading jokes and then one of them tells a joke that falls flat and ruins the thread of humor. It's like dumping too much soy sauce on rice.
We were all busting each other up till Jerry soy sauced the thread of humor with a lame joke.
by Tpsreport August 01, 2014
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